Jacket in Heavy Linen fabric wood

Jacket in Heavy Linen fabric 2L/5C


Jacket, 5-cm shorter than the N°4,

in 100% linen overdyed heavy fabric, Vétra's specialty vintage-like cloth,

5 Copper buttons, 3 pockets + 1 pocket inside.

Colour Wood
Color overview
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Vétra manufactures in its own French factory since 1927 all its garments, thus benefiting of an unique savoir-faire.

This heavy linen chore jacket stems from the genuine Bleu de Travail made by Vétra since the beginning for the French workers. This style is 5cm shorter than style #4 for a modern touch.

Formerly, the first fabrics was in linen, because the crops were adapted to Europe climate ; cotton has to be imported. In France linen was harvested mainly in Normandy. Then in the XWIII th century cheap cotton fabrics appeared in Europe, and was first mixed with linen. 

In 1927 Vétra supplied workers with mix of cotton & linen (bisonne) canvas and with 100% heavy linen fabrics jackets. At that time many mills were specialized only in blue and black (given the strong demand on these dungaree colours), then in the 20's broadened their colour range to brown (catechu). Some supplied Vétra with ecru (natural fabrics), or bleached the fabrics to offer white colour. 

100% linen

Wash and iron inside out

Do not bleach

Do not tumble dry

Mild detergent only

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