French workwear since 1927

Vétra, a French manufacturer since 1927

Getting inspired by the brand's background,
Founded by our Great-grandfather in 1927 in Paris,
We are recounting through this website, the history of Vetra's workwear : everyday's and today's wear.
Edouard et Richard BEERENS


A family saga

The story of Vétra is strongly intertwined with the saga of one family, already in the business of fabrics trade and textile industry long before the 4 latest generations founding and developing the brand. From the trademark registration in Paris in 1927 by Edouard BEERENS, to the young generation, the authentic, epic story of Vétra is rich of anecdotes and historical events. More

Right off the bat, Vétra became renowned for its commitment to quality, thanks to a permanent innovation and the preservation of its savoir-faire. Through its constant efforts the brand became an international icon of the French workwear and a major player of the industry in France. More

A genuine brand

A know-how since 1927

VETRA is undoubtedly a brand of manufacturer: The factory is inseparable of the brand. Even during wartime, E soldiered on maintaining the bare minimum of production and saving some sewing machines (and the famous buttonhole machine). Decades later Claude and Patrick preserved the manufacturing in France when the whole industry and competitors preferred mass-outsourcing. More

Going global in the 50’s, by outfitting workers of oil companies or flight crews, VETRA has found without delay its place in select stores across the USA or Japan. The authentic brand perfectly matched some consumers’ expectations for iconic, timeless and genuine garments, worldwide. More

Going global