Veste femme oversized en 100% lin 2L/6L PARSNIP

Woman's Drop-Shoulder Jacket in heavy linen fabric 2L/6L


Oversize Jacket,

in 100% linen overdyed heavy fabric, Vétra's specialty vintage-like cloth,

5 Copper buttons, 2 pockets.

Colour Parsnip
Color overview

Vétra has been making these iconic garments since 1927 in its own workshop and therefore with its own know-how.

This reinterpreted jacket for women in 100% linen takes up the codes of workers' jackets, in an iconic French workwear fabric.

The oldest workwear fabrics are the 100% linen fabrics whose fibers came from Normandy (linen was the local European fiber par excellence); then came the cotton & linen blends and of course the 100% cotton.

Vétra offers many colors each season in addition to the traditional blue. Historically, some fabric manufacturers specialized only in blue because of the strong dominance of this color.

100% linen

Wash and iron inside out

Do not bleach

Do not tumble dry

Mild detergent only

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