Brushed Broken Twill Workwear Jacket 2A/5C khaki

Brushed Broken Twill Workwear Jacket 2A/5C


Brushed Broken Twill workwear Jacket,

5 copper buttons, 3 pockets + 1 inside pocket.

Colour Khaki
Color overview
Out of stock in this size and colour but still available in other sizes and colours. Please contact us for a supply date.

Vétra manufactures in its own French factory since 1927 all its garments, thus benefiting of an unique savoir-faire.

This Brushed Broken Twill jacket stems from the genuine chore jacket made by Vétra since the beginning for the French workers.

The broken twills were used to be worn by the Anglo-Saxons, when French Workwear used moleskin and then twills.  

On the contrary to "Left Hand" Twill (whose diagonale starts from the lower right end to the upper left end) and "Right Hand" Twill (the opposite...), broken twill means that the diagonal weave of the fabric is reversed at every two warp ends to create a "random" design. The natural torque characteristic of regular twill weaves is brought down, eliminating the leg twist effect.

98% cotton+elastan

Wash and iron inside out

Do not bleach

Do not tumble dry

Mild detergent only

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