Seersucker Jacket 8R12/5

Seersucker Jacket 8R12/5


Seersucker Jacket/Overshirt,

in 99% cotton & elasthane,

5 buttons, 3 pockets + 1 pocket inside.

Length S46 : 71 cm

Vétra has been manufacturing all its iconic garments since 1927 in its workshop and therefore with its own know-how.

Seersucker is characterized by blue or black stripes giving the fabric a wrinkled or puckered appearance. This material is perfect for summer because it enables air circulation and heat dissipation.

Its name comes from the Persian "shir o shekar", meaning “milk and sugar”. Indeed, originally made of silk and cotton, the latter fiber shrank after washing, while the silk remained intact, which gave it its particular touch.

This fabric does not need much ironing by nature. 

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